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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1998Toub, JoshuaAccelerating Boolean Satisfiability with Reconfigurable Logic: An Implementation on the PCI PametteMartonosi, Margaret
2018Hammel, MelanaAnalyzing Increasing Enrollments and Diversity in Princeton Computer ScienceMartonosi, Margaret
2011Telljohann, GriffinAndroid Virtual Tour Guide Application: Implementation and StudyMartonosi, Margaret
2013Price, RichardAssessing the Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Loss-To-Follow-UpMartonosi, Margaret; Amon, Joseph; Hargett, Danna
2012Smith, KashifAutonomous Smartphone Object Detection for Visioin IMartonosi, Margaret
2002Calabro, FinneganA Block Based Trace Cache SimulationMartonosi, Margaret
2020Markakis, MarkosChallenges and Opportunities in Heterogeneous ParallelismMartonosi, Margaret
1998Williams, JasonCharacterization of WWW Client Activity with Application to a Proposed Communal Caching SchemeMartonosi, Margaret
-Trippel, CarolineConcurrency and Security Verification in Heterogeneous Parallel SystemsMartonosi, Margaret
2000Nyako, George; Oki, HidekazuDeveloping a 2 to 1 Frame Synchronizing Time Division Video Multiplexer for Visual Multitasking DevicesMartonosi, Margaret
1999Leung, ChristinaDevelopment of a Cache Power Consumption Model with the Simple Scalar Tool SetMartonosi, Margaret
2003Agrawal, AbhinavA dI/dt stressmark for the Intel Net Burst MicroarchitectureMartonosi, Margaret
2013Singhal, ShreshthDROIDTN: Using Delay Tolerance to Optimize Network Scheduling on SmartphonesMartonosi, Margaret
2010Kelly, EvanDynamic Frequency Scaling in Bicycle Powered ComputingMartonosi, Margaret
-Wu, Carole-JeanDynamic Techniques for Mitigating Inter- and Intra-Application Cache InterferenceMartonosi, Margaret
2002Hsu, LisaThe Effects of Combining Strided Prefetching with Victim BufferingMartonosi, Margaret
2020Kirkham, JakeExposing GPU Memory Consistency Model Errors through Statistically Motivated Empirical TestingMartonosi, Margaret
2019Dzebissov, LoisFinding Solutions to Ising Problems Using the Scaffold Quantum Programming LanguageMartonosi, Margaret
2002Edoho-Eket, SamuelJhyme: A Web Based Datapath Simulator Written in JavaMartonosi, Margaret
2013Stouffer, KaitlinM.O.M: My Own Map HMM Techniques for Predicting Wandering in Alzheimer’s and Dementia PatientsMartonosi, Margaret