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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2015Porto, Nicholas; Iberkleid-Szainrok, MichaelData Driven Home Automation SystemsMalik, Sharad
-Subramanyan, PramodDeriving Abstractions to Address Hardware Platform Security ChallengesMalik, Sharad
2015Asala, JeffreyDetecting power theft from electrical grids using Time Domain ReflectometryMalik, Sharad
1995Chang, LukeExamining the Tardeoffs Between an On-Chip RAM and an On-Chip Cache for an Embedded ProcessorMalik, Sharad
2007Brien, Cameron W.E.Exploiting Circuit Reconvergence in Unit Propagation for SAT SolversMalik, Sharad
1996Donnelly, Ryan; Donnelly, RyanGuarded Evaluation Applied to the TORCH ProcessorMalik, Sharad
1998Tennant, MatthewLogic Optimization for Binary Decoder Circuits - Simultaneous Area and Timing OptimizationMalik, Sharad
-Nie, QiMemory-Driven Data-Flow Optimization for Neural Processing AcceleratorsMalik, Sharad
1995DeRosa, Peter J.Microprocessor Based Traffic ControllerMalik, Sharad
1993Aytur, Turgut S.A Model for Series/Parallel Mos Circuits with Regard to Statisical Variances in ProcessingMalik, Sharad
2006Harster, RyanOptimization of a Dynamically Reconfigurable ProcessorMalik, Sharad
1991Mazhar, AfzalOptimization of the BDD Representation of Boolean Functions Using Simulated AnnealingMalik, Sharad
2000Rocca, Richard M.; Frickey, Robert E.A Parallel Implementation on a Distributed Memory Multiprocessor System of the Grasp Algorithm for Solving Propositional Boolean SatisfiabilityMalik, Sharad
1996Braun, Owen CharlesRetargetability Issues in Worst-Case Timing Analysis of Embedded SystemsMalik, Sharad
2012Susnea, AdrianaReverse Engineering Integrated CircuitsMalik, Sharad
-Sethi, DivjyotScaling Verification by Leveraging ParametrizationMalik, Sharad
2017Gilhooley, DavidSecure Boot: Formal Verification of Software & Hardware in a large SoCMalik, Sharad
2016Chou, ElaineA Secure Bootloader for Demonstrating Formal Verification of Hardware-Firmware Interactions on SoCsMalik, Sharad
2000Esposito, ThomasSimulation of a Distributed SAT SolverMalik, Sharad
-Yetim, YavuzStreaming Computation on Error-Prone Programmable PlatformsMartonosi, Margaret; Malik, Sharad