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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2015Walsh, James D.A.I Don’t Remember Any Famous Last Words… Songs For Conflict in 20th Century Europe For Tenor(s) and String QuintetMackey, Steven
2011Bourque, AlexanderMoonflower for Saxophone QuartetMackey, Steven
2018Hauge, KristinMorning OvertureMackey, Steven
-Adu-Gilmore, LeilaMusic Production In Accra: Ghanaian Hiplife, Akan AND Highlife Harmony and African-American Minimalist Hip-Hop in Two Case StudiesMackey, Steven
2011Popov, TheodorNero Artifex: A Three-Act Opera in Classical LatinMackey, Steven
2015Roth, Logan JNo Paved PathsMackey, Steven
-Early, Michael H.Rock Music and the Language of Fantasy: The Music of Yes' RelayerMackey, Steven
1998Schader, Elizabeth M.The Role of Music in Television AdvertisingMackey, Steven
2019VanZytveld, CalvinSenior PortfolioMackey, Steven
-O'Halloran, Emma MarySonic Playground: The Influence of the Recording Studio on Mike Oldfield's Tubular BellsTymoczko, Dmitri; Mackey, Steven
2007Eaton, Steven J.Sound Exhibit: Sunrise at the Long Island Salt MarshMackey, Steven
2014Wang, JasonSymphony No. 1Mackey, Steven
2014Moses, MichaelSymphony No. 1 "Warsaw Ghetto Symphony"Mackey, Steven
2007Dougherty, Peter L.Three Movements for Inverted String QuartetMackey, Steven
2004Tibbetts, RyanThree Psalms for Chorus, Wind Septet and PianoMackey, Steven
2006Chu, JenniferTwo Cell's Worth: Concert Piece for Piano, Violin, and OrchestraMackey, Steven
2013Cunningham, FlanneryWeehawken: a musical drama about the 1804 duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron BurrMackey, Steven
2017Whitaker, HenryWhitaker QuintetMackey, Steven