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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2005Huang, JenniferMotion-Detection for Surveillance FootagesKulkarni, Sanjeev
1992Guarriello, ChrisAn Objective and Subjective Analysis of the Order of Frames in a Group of Pictures in an MPEG Driven SystemKulkarni, Sanjeev
1992Paz, John M.Obtaining Subpizel Accuracy Using Quantizing LatticesKulkarni, Sanjeev
2007Cox, CharlesOne Size Does Not Fit AllKulkarni, Sanjeev
2007Clarkson, Charles JohnOptimization of Power Output for Solar Panel ArraysKulkarni, Sanjeev
2007Shum, Arthur Chun HongA Perception System for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation: Multiple Object Tracking Using a Nearest-Neighbour AlgorithmKulkarni, Sanjeev
2003Lieb, David F.; Siano, Mark R.The Phoenix Project: System Redesign of a Single Unmanned Aerial VehicleKulkarni, Sanjeev
2003Bradley, DavidProfile Face DetectionKulkarni, Sanjeev
2003Bradley, DavidProfile Face Detection Phase 1: Creating a Training DatabaseKulkarni, Sanjeev
-Wang, TianceQuantitative Analysis of Strategic Voting in Anonymous Voting SystemsCuff, Paul; Kulkarni, Sanjeev
2009Bosworth, Bryan TravisA Quantum Cascade Spectrometer for Measurement of CO2 in a Solid MatrixKulkarni, Sanjeev
2009Howard, JenniferSensor Network Based Localization Techniques for Multi-Agent SystemsKulkarni, Sanjeev
-Zhang, ZhuoSparsity, robustness, and diversification of Recommender SystemsKulkarni, Sanjeev
2010Greene, W. NicholasTesting Residual-PCA Traffic Anomaly Detection SchemesKulkarni, Sanjeev
1994Ghani, RozaimiVehicle Sensing Via Imaging: For an Automated Traffic Control SystemKulkarni, Sanjeev