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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2012Pease, Alexander Monroe WingardHarmonic Overtones: Circuit QED with Highly Multimodal Photon-Qubit Strong CouplingHouck, Andrew
2015Park, HannahKleptamatic: A System for Determining Musical Similarity Via Discovery, Clustering, and ClassificationHouck, Andrew
2018Maccoby, JoshLa Llorona: Using Technology to Create MeaningHouck, Andrew
2019Biswas, DebopriyoLine Graph Lattice Implementation in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics using Three-dimensional CavitiesHouck, Andrew
2018McFadden, KraigMaking a Better Opponent: Machine Learning for Video GamesHouck, Andrew
2015Shatkhin, Maksimilian; Fisch, AdamMARVIN: Multimodally Advantaged Robotic Vehicle for Improved NavigationHouck, Andrew; Rowley, Clarence
2015Fisch, Adam GeorgeMARVIN: Multimodally Advantaged Robotic Vehicle for Improved NavigationRowley, Clarence; Houck, Andrew
2015Ward, Andrew; Ray, SubhajitMeasuring Quantum Systems with FPGAsHouck, Andrew
-Underwood, DevinMicrowave Cavity Lattices for Quantum Simulation with PhotonsHouck, Andrew
2014Constantin, MariusNon-Equilibrium Quantum Phases In The Jaynes-Cummings LatticeHouck, Andrew
2010Mayer, GregoryOptical Creation of a Quantum QubitHouck, Andrew
2024Medina, ElizabethOptimizing Classical Hardware for Improved Superconducting Qubit ControlHouck, Andrew
2016Chen, Brian; Wang, JoannaAn Origami Paper Creasing DeviceHouck, Andrew
2018Kevrekidis, GeorgeQuantum Circuits: Design and OptimizationHouck, Andrew
2016Gonzalez, NicoleRe-revolutionizing Hardware Prototyping TRAX: The Low-cost Circuit PrinterHouck, Andrew
-Liu, YanbingReservoir engineering in circuit quantum electrodynamicsHouck, Andrew
2018Gonzalez-Yante, Luis; Poindexter, JamesScalable and Autonomous Air Traffic Control for Quadcopter DronesHouck, Andrew
2021Carroll, AnnetteSearching for Line Graph Lattices in Real MaterialsHouck, Andrew
2012Burton, William CodySuperconducting Qubits in 3-D Cavity QEDHouck, Andrew
2022Andrei, CosminTemperature Dependence of Pure Dephasing for a 2D Tantalum Transmon QubitHouck, Andrew