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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2019Mangan, IsabellaLET THERE BE LIGHT! Light and Air as Property During Construction of the Elevated Railroad in Nineteenth Century New York CityHartog, Hendrik
1994Peacock, Philip H.Lynching and the Southern Extralegal TraditionHartog, Hendrik
-Morey, MaribelThe Making of "An American Dilemma" (1944): The Carnegie Corporation, Gunnar Myrdal, and the Unlikely Roots of Modern Civil Rights DiscourseHartog, Hendrik; Katz, Stanley N.
2008Extein, Brian E.Managing the Media: A History of Regulation and Concentration in American Radio and TelevisionHartog, Hendrik
1999Charles, ClaudiaThe Moynihan Report: The Making of a National ControversyHartog, Hendrik
2014Lazerwitz, SamuelThe Mtoro’s Nearest Woods: Resistance, Testimony, and Empire in the British Consular Court in Zanzibar, 1877-1879Hartog, Hendrik
-Lowe, Jessica K.Murder in the Shenandoah: Commonwealth v. John Crane and Law in Federal VirginiaHartog, Hendrik
2018Reeves, SarahObergefell Families: The Disciplinary Intersection of Marriage and ParenthoodHartog, Hendrik
-Evans, Catherine L.Persons Dwelling in the Borderland: Responsibility and Criminal Law in the Late-Nineteenth-Century British EmpireHartog, Hendrik
2008Dasani, Sheena S.Railroad Influence on the Development and Division of the Dakota TerritoryHartog, Hendrik
-De, RohitThe Republic of Writs: Litigious Citizens, Constitutional Law and Everyday Life in India (1947-1964)Prakash, Gyan; Hartog, Hendrik
2018Marrone, LindsayThe Rise and Fall of the Big Fellow: Understanding Al Capone's Chicago as a Semi-Autonomous Social FieldHartog, Hendrik
1994Ryan, Rebecca M.The Sex Right: A Legal History of the Marital Rape ExemptionHartog, Hendrik
-Peterson, FarahStatutory Interpretation and Judicial Authority, 1776-1860Hartog, Hendrik
-Seo, Sarah A.The Fourth Amendment, Cars, and Freedom in Twentieth-Century AmericaHartog, Hendrik
-Funk, KellenThe Lawyers' Code: The Transformation of American Legal Practice, 1828-1938Hartog, Hendrik
-Glass, Maeve HerbertThese United States: A History of the Fracturing of AmericaHartog, Hendrik
2014Barsukova, YuliyaUS RAILROADS AND BRITISH PROTECTIVE COMMITTEES: The Financial And Legal History Of The Transatlantic ControlHartog, Hendrik
1999Coleman, Avery WainwrightThe Voice of the Community: Continuity and Change in the Federal Grand Jury SystemHartog, Hendrik
2005Hume, BrittanyWhat's Loving Got to Do With It? The Miscegenation Analogy and the Same-Sex Marriage MovementHartog, Hendrik