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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Lowe, Jessica K.Murder in the Shenandoah: Commonwealth v. John Crane and Law in Federal VirginiaHartog, Hendrik
2018Reeves, SarahObergefell Families: The Disciplinary Intersection of Marriage and ParenthoodHartog, Hendrik
-Evans, Catherine L.Persons Dwelling in the Borderland: Responsibility and Criminal Law in the Late-Nineteenth-Century British EmpireHartog, Hendrik
2008Dasani, Sheena S.Railroad Influence on the Development and Division of the Dakota TerritoryHartog, Hendrik
-De, RohitThe Republic of Writs: Litigious Citizens, Constitutional Law and Everyday Life in India (1947-1964)Prakash, Gyan; Hartog, Hendrik
2018Marrone, LindsayThe Rise and Fall of the Big Fellow: Understanding Al Capone's Chicago as a Semi-Autonomous Social FieldHartog, Hendrik
1994Ryan, Rebecca M.The Sex Right: A Legal History of the Marital Rape ExemptionHartog, Hendrik
-Peterson, FarahStatutory Interpretation and Judicial Authority, 1776-1860Hartog, Hendrik
-Seo, Sarah A.The Fourth Amendment, Cars, and Freedom in Twentieth-Century AmericaHartog, Hendrik
-Funk, KellenThe Lawyers' Code: The Transformation of American Legal Practice, 1828-1938Hartog, Hendrik
-Glass, Maeve HerbertThese United States: A History of the Fracturing of AmericaHartog, Hendrik
2014Barsukova, YuliyaUS RAILROADS AND BRITISH PROTECTIVE COMMITTEES: The Financial And Legal History Of The Transatlantic ControlHartog, Hendrik
1999Coleman, Avery WainwrightThe Voice of the Community: Continuity and Change in the Federal Grand Jury SystemHartog, Hendrik
2005Hume, BrittanyWhat's Loving Got to Do With It? The Miscegenation Analogy and the Same-Sex Marriage MovementHartog, Hendrik