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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2012Kirschen, GregoryHeavy Findings on a Weighty Issue: Obesity Alters Structure and Function of the Medial Prefrontal CortexGould, Elizabeth
2004Petrillo,, LauraHow Estrogen Affects the Bodies and Lives of Women at Menopause: An Analysis Based on Recent Research FindingsGould, Elizabeth
-Bocarsly, Miriam EThe influence of obesity on structure, biochemistry and function of brain regions involved in cognitionGould, Elizabeth
2016Olson, LyraInvestigating Mechanisms of Obesity-Induced Cognitive DeclineGould, Elizabeth
2020Pitcher, MiahInvestigating the Role of Dorsomedial Striatum Perineuronal Nets in Behavioral Flexibility and Inhibitory SignalingGould, Elizabeth
2008Imoisili, OmoyeLong Term Sexual Experience Does Not Promote Adult Neurogenesis in Middle Aged C57Black6 MiceGould, Elizabeth
-Schoenfeld, Timothy JamesMechanisms Underlying the Anxiolytic Actions of Physical ExerciseGould, Elizabeth
2019Haye, AmandaMossy Fibers from Adult-generated Neurons in the Dentate Gyrus More Frequently Contact Hilar Interneurons Surrounded by Intense Perineuronal NetsGould, Elizabeth
2010Fasolino, MariaMotor Neuron Resistance to Degeneration in Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisGould, Elizabeth
2002Berglund, KristinaNeural Mechaisms of Set Switching: The Role of the Basal Ganglia in Working MemoryGould, Elizabeth
2012Hsueh, BrianNeural Mechanisms of the Anxiolytic Impact of Physical Exercise (and other studies)Gould, Elizabeth
-Chen, Yu-WeiNeurochemical control of ethanol consumption: Differential systems for initiation and prolongation of drinking behaviorGould, Elizabeth; Leibowitz, Sarah
1999Tuamokumo, NimiThe Neuroendocrinology of Adversity: Implications for the Pathophysiology of DepressionGould, Elizabeth
2003Kasthuri, Ramya[Not received] The Potential of Targeting Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Receptors in the Treatment of Major DepressionGould, Elizabeth
2013Chen, BrianThe Oxytocin Receptor in Adult Neurogenesis Under Conditions of Social StressGould, Elizabeth
2007Pavlic, AshleyParenting Inhibits Hippocampal Neurogenesis in California Mice (Peromyscus californicus)Gould, Elizabeth
2006Hughes, Maria M.Paternal Experience Alters Dendritic Architecture in Adult Primate BrainsGould, Elizabeth
2006Lee, KimPaternal Experience Induces Structural Changes in CA1 Pyramidal Cells in the Primate HippocampusGould, Elizabeth
2018Park, ChristinPerineuronal Nets in the Hippocampus of Autism Spectrum Disorder Mouse ModelsGould, Elizabeth