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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1999Teo, Amanda MeitaRe:Placing Woman: The Architexture of the Contemporary Female GothicFuss, Diana
1994Bensinger, Gretchen LeighReading Abortion: Contemporary Literature and the Rhetoric of MotherhoodFuss, Diana
1995Bakun, Cara MarieReading H.D.Fuss, Diana
2014Wierzbicki, SamanthaRedefining the Female Comic: Conventions of Humor in Women's Stand-Up ComedyFuss, Diana
2001Griggers, Cody S.Stone Walls and Dark Closets: Space and Sexuality in the American Gay NovelFuss, Diana
-Krumholtz, MatthewTalking Points: American Dialogue in the Twentieth CenturyFuss, Diana
-Johnson, Colette E.The Foibles of Play: Three Case Studies on Play in the Interwar YearsFuss, Diana
2014Sollazzo, EricaTo My Dearest Lady: John Keats and the Thrall of RomanceFuss, Diana
2000Kochansky, Gregory PaulUndercover Operations: Dust jackets and their influence on three American novels [accompanying compact disc]Fuss, Diana
-Tuckman, MelissaUnnatural Feelings in Nineteenth-Century PoetryFuss, Diana
2006Charles, EllenWhat Women Won't say, What Men Can't Know: Hysteria and Melancholy in Dora, Lolita, and The Virgin SuicidesFuss, Diana
1999Chen, Joyce"Where Are the Songs I Used to Know? Where Are the Notes I Used to Sing?": The Musicality and Music of Emily Dickinson and Christina RossettiFuss, Diana
2011Mears, James CovingtonWhoDunIt, Howdhegetcaught: Do We Care?Fuss, Diana
2016Stoneman, MollyA Woman’s Place Is In The House (And The Senate): A Critical Analysis Of Electoral Gender Quotas As A Model For The United StatesFuss, Diana
2008Unger, Sarah E.Writing Adolescence: The Boarding School Novel in Post-war AmericaFuss, Diana
1995Outar, Lisa E.Writing in Exile: Redefining the West Indian NovelFuss, Diana
1994Eisenberg, Staci RaeleenWritten on the Body- Eating, Identity, and Contemporary Women's LiteratureFuss, Diana