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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2004Nickoloff, Matthew MartinDante's Diabolical Diptych: Augustinian Paradigms in the Speeches of Francesca and UlyssesFleming, John
1997Mendoza, Aimee MarieThe Delineation of Marriage in the Novels of Jane Austen and Thomas HardyFleming, John
2000Cornet, EliseDemystifying Mysticism: Three Counter-Reformation Spiritual WritersFleming, John
2002Neiss, Jacqueline CaroleDream Interpretation and the Female Voice in Selected Works of ChaucerFleming, John
1999Cieslak, Jon F.An Evolution of Thought: The Fairy Tale Collections of Perrault, The Grimms, and CalvinoFleming, John
2006Moy, Olivia LoksingFrom Soldier to Schoolmaster: W. H. Auden in WarFleming, John
2006Gaston, Kara"The Goddes Text to Glose": A Partial Reading of The Parliament of FowlsFleming, John
2002Caycedo, Daniel AlbertIn Darkness at Dawn: Grendel's FallFleming, John
2001Williams, Oliver CrownLemon Meringue: A Personal Metathesis of Kurt Vonnegut's WorksFleming, John
2002Bajaj, SanjivA Meeting of the Twain: Mapping the Relationship Between the East and West Through LiteratureFleming, John
2001McLaughlin, Christopher J.Perceptions of Honor in Golden Age Spain as Seen through Literary GenreFleming, John
1999Plotinsky, Benjamin AaronSubliminal Contradiction in ShakespeareFleming, John
2004Gemmill, TraceyTauFleming, John
2001Datlowe, Elizabeth AnneA Theology of Man: The Inversion of Biblical Allusions in John Steinbeck's NovelsFleming, John
2001Bloomberg, Emma B.A Versified Ideology: The Socio-Economic Implications of Chivalry and the Middle English LyricFleming, John