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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Dauber, Maayan PaulaThe Pathos of Modernism: Henry James, Virginia Woolf, and Gertrude Stein (With a Coda on J.M. Coetzee)DiBattista, Maria; Brooks, Peter
2005Ferrer, DustinPay No Attention To the Man Behind the Curtain: Changing Depictions of Childhood in 20th Century American LiteratureDiBattista, Maria
2012Yang, RobinPeople Who Want Inappropriate Amounts of Sex and Loneliness: A Study on the Cinematic Treatment of Mad CharactersDiBattista, Maria
-Shin, JacquelinePicturing Repose: Between the Acts of British ModernismDiBattista, Maria; Stewart, Susan
2013Ehi, Uzochukwu NicolaPirandello & Film: Cinema’s Influence on Pirandello’s Critique of the Unstable Modern ManDiBattista, Maria
-Mimran, MashaThe Poetics of Pathology: Hysteria from Neurology to PsychologyHeller-Roazen, Daniel; DiBattista, Maria
2010Ha, Thu-Huong D.Read Me: Italo Calvino and the Undying AuthorDiBattista, Maria
2001Maguire, Maria AngelaReconciling Beatrice: Differences in the Interpretation of Dante by Male and Female Victorian PoetsDiBattista, Maria
1996Balbach, Pamela RaeThe Return to Greek Myth In French Wartime Drama, 1920-1950DiBattista, Maria
2006Ragus, Jennifer AmyReturn, Repetition, and the Narrative of Love: An Analysis of Selected Works by Thomas Hardy, Vladimir Nabokov, Stanislav Lem, and Milan KunderaDiBattista, Maria
2016Hack, Grace Z.‘The Secrets of Another World’ Paradise Lost as Science FictionDiBattista, Maria
2000Perry, Andre FrederickShedding Light Upon Their Words: Approaching the Art of Film Adaptation [accompanying video and 2 compact discs]DiBattista, Maria
2004Glynn, Elizabeth MiriamSitting on Dynamite: The Dangerous Identity of the Femme FataleDiBattista, Maria
2020Szemraj, EmilieSolidarity: A ScreenplayDiBattista, Maria; Lazaridi, Christina
1998Anderson, Mark PattonSpirituality in the Plays of August WilsonDiBattista, Maria
2000Schaeffer, Jacqueline SidfordSplinter in the Mind: The Dilemma of the Political Dystopian Protagonist and the Cyberpunk HeroDiBattista, Maria
1997King, Charles LewisStanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange and the Experience of Viewing a FilmDiBattista, Maria
2010Guerrero III, Ramiro VillarrealStars Out at Dawn: Memory and Female Emowerment in the Works of Edwidge DanticatDiBattista, Maria
2016Jin, Karen Y.The Stately Homes of England: Nostalgia, Englishness, and the English Country House in Twentieth-Century LiteratureDiBattista, Maria
2007Graham, Jean ElyseThe Strategies and Fate of Women's Literary HumorDiBattista, Maria