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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2000Jensen, Halden FitzgeraldClass and Connection in the Novels of Elizabeth Bowen and Virginia WoolfDiBattista, Maria
2004Perea, Amelia BelenControversial Representations of the Holocaust: A Comparative Study of Memoir and FilmDiBattista, Maria
2019Ganatra, PriyaDeviant Children: Matilda and Like Stars on Earth: an examination of childhood innocenceDiBattista, Maria
2000Heyman, MarshallDouble Exposure: Projecting the Self through Autobiography and PhotographyDiBattista, Maria
2002Sorensen, Jennifer JuliaDrowning in the Modern Metropolis: Water and the City in Mrs. Dalloway, "The Waste Land," and UlyssesDiBattista, Maria
2004Marlenga, Ashley B.Elizabeth Bowen in the Age of MagicDiBattista, Maria
2002Ulrich, Jonathan C.The Elusive Revolution: Capturing History in Dickens, Hugo, Hemingway and OrwellDiBattista, Maria
2018De La Garza, AlejandroThe English Teachers: Sketches of a New Generation in Hunan, ChinaDiBattista, Maria
1994Royall, Caroline J.F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway: The Formation of Character Through the Short Story Format- in the Basil and Josephine Stories and the Nick Adams StoriesDiBattista, Maria
-Aronowicz, Yaron ShlomoFascinated Moderns: the Attentions of Modern FictionDiBattista, Maria; Cheng, Anne
2005Cowen, Elizabeth TarletonFathers, Sons, and Holy Homes: An Exploration of the English Country HouseDiBattista, Maria
-Rose, Kira AlexandraFeeling Thought: Literature and the Material ImaginationDiBattista, Maria
2001Haney, Elizabeth NorthFemale Magnetism: Fitzgerald's Hollywood RevisitedDiBattista, Maria
2014Boyce, ElizabethFlaws of Attraction: The Seductive Innocence of the Femme FataleDiBattista, Maria
1994Weber, HarlanFood Follows Function: A Study of Food and Drink as the Marrow of Life in UlyssesDiBattista, Maria
1999Zee, Michael AndrewA Four-Color Universe: The Fantastic Comic Book Worlds of Batman, Tintin, and AkiraDiBattista, Maria
2006Leonor, JoseFrom Bande à part to A Band Apart: A Close Viewing of Jean-Luc Godard’s Bande à part and À bout de souffle and a Look at Their Influence on Quentin Tarantino’s Approach to Filmmaking.DiBattista, Maria
1997Groninger, James HunterImages of Thought: Word-memory in the Works of Marcel Proust and James JoyceDiBattista, Maria
2001Holmes, Henley MaddenThe Importance of Being Ernest: Examining the Public and Private Hemingway through NonfictionDiBattista, Maria
2014Bayman, Alex SThe Indigenous, African, and European Influence in the Emergence of Cuban Literature and National IdentityDiBattista, Maria