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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2014Boyce, ElizabethFlaws of Attraction: The Seductive Innocence of the Femme FataleDiBattista, Maria
1994Weber, HarlanFood Follows Function: A Study of Food and Drink as the Marrow of Life in UlyssesDiBattista, Maria
1999Zee, Michael AndrewA Four-Color Universe: The Fantastic Comic Book Worlds of Batman, Tintin, and AkiraDiBattista, Maria
2006Leonor, JoseFrom Bande à part to A Band Apart: A Close Viewing of Jean-Luc Godard’s Bande à part and À bout de souffle and a Look at Their Influence on Quentin Tarantino’s Approach to Filmmaking.DiBattista, Maria
1997Groninger, James HunterImages of Thought: Word-memory in the Works of Marcel Proust and James JoyceDiBattista, Maria
2001Holmes, Henley MaddenThe Importance of Being Ernest: Examining the Public and Private Hemingway through NonfictionDiBattista, Maria
2014Bayman, Alex SThe Indigenous, African, and European Influence in the Emergence of Cuban Literature and National IdentityDiBattista, Maria
1994Shen, Joanne J.Killer Housewives: Murderesses and the Melodramatic Imagination in CinemaDiBattista, Maria
2011Oh, Chanmee PraiseThe Marriage of True Minds: Reading Jane Austen as ShakespeareDiBattista, Maria
-Calver, HarrietModern Fiction and its PhantomsDiBattista, Maria; Fuss, Diana J.
1997Coch, Reilly W.The Modern SagaDiBattista, Maria
1994Newnam, Amy J.The Month Was Over: The Phases of a Woman's Life in the Novels of Elizabeth GaskellDiBattista, Maria
2011Silberberg, MollyMoving Between the Lines: Directing the Ensemble in Caryl Churchill’s The SkrikerDiBattista, Maria
2010Kumar, Paavana LakshmiMusical Alchemy, Temporal Analogy: The Hidden Compositional Models of The Magic Mountain and Doctor FaustusDiBattista, Maria
2002Horgan, Pelagia J.Nabokov's Aestethics: the moral dimension of aesthetic blissDiBattista, Maria
2001Lee, Bonnie A.A New Mortality: Scientific and Medical Discourse in Middlemarch and Fortuna y JacintaDiBattista, Maria
2020Spare, AbbyNoël Coward, a Political ComedianDiBattista, Maria
-Barton, RobertNovel Under the Influence: Modernism and Intoxication in Baudelaire, James, Proust, and RhysDiBattista, Maria
2001Keyser, Catherine Elizabeth"Now It's Your Turn": Virginia Woolf and the Family ChronicleDiBattista, Maria
-Dauber, Maayan PaulaThe Pathos of Modernism: Henry James, Virginia Woolf, and Gertrude Stein (With a Coda on J.M. Coetzee)DiBattista, Maria; Brooks, Peter