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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Blackman, Shane ForteSeeing the Subjective as Objective: Naive Realism in Aesthetic JudgmentsPronin, Emily; Cooper, Joel
2017Rai, AneeshSelective Justice: Discrimination Against Muslims in the Criminal ContextCooper, Joel
2013Yergler, JonathanSelf-Selected Group Membership as a Moderator of Vicarious Cognitive DissonanceCooper, Joel
1995Allison, Anna E.Socioeconomic Status, Gender, and Family Structure: Influences on Education.Cooper, Joel
2009Moreno, Brianna MoniqueSwitching It Up: The Presence of Superstitious Behavior Between Conflicting Athlete and Student IdentitiesCooper, Joel
2014Orlando, SofiaA Tale of Two Cities: A Comparative Study of the Attitudes of Chinese University Students Towards China’s Rural-to-Urban Migrant WorkersCooper, Joel
2004Hovnanian, GaroTesting the Curvilinear Response Pattern to DTC AdvertisingCooper, Joel
2020Peterkin, DevonThe Application of Cognitive Dissonance Via Effort Expenditure and Justification to Improve Mood and Depressive SymptomsCooper, Joel
2019Palmer, JimTwo Sides of the Same Coin: Toward the Push/Pull Model of Relationship MarketingCooper, Joel; Fiske, Susan T
1999Reeves, PamelaUnearned Rewards: Implications for Public AssistanceCooper, Joel
1997Puccio, Carolyn TheresaUsing cognitive dissonance to encourage exercise: The effects of standard for advocacy and perceived volition for advocacy-discrepant behavior on exercise behavior following an induction of hypocrisyCooper, Joel
2019Holuba, KurtVicarious Dissonance and the Role of the SpeakerCooper, Joel
2021Mohamed, ZeinaWhat is Normal Eating? Eating Disorders: Distribution, Progress, and ProblemsCooper, Joel