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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2014Rafter, AlexanderThe New Normal: The Impact of Social Influence Tactics on Non-Normative Consumer Tipping BehaviorCooper, Joel
1994Fou, Susan Chi-sanNonverbal Correlates of Deception and Attraction and Their Effects on PersuasionCooper, Joel
2005Montes-Rivera, Jose A.Perceived Consensus: Its Effect on Attitudes and Person PerceptionCooper, Joel
2010Donohue, Sheena E.The Perseverance of Transferred Affect: The Enduring Nature of Evaluatively Conditioned Attitudes against Cognitive ReasoningCooper, Joel
2018Richards, MaeganPersonality and Environmental Attitudes: Priming Individual Differences to Increase Environmental ConcernCooper, Joel
2017Reyneke, JackiePluralistic Ignorance, Imposter Syndrome, and Attitudes Toward Seeking Mental Health Services Among Princeton University Varsity Student-AthletesCooper, Joel
1993Effinger, EleanorPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Impact of Childhood AbuseCooper, Joel
2010Powell, Christina M.Producing Developmental Models of Persuasion: A Case Study of Social Learning Theory and Cognitive DissonanceCooper, Joel
2010Klinger, Zachary W.The Psychology of False Confessions: Towards Better Juror Decision MakingCooper, Joel
2008Oakley, Marykate T.The Risk of Disordered Eating Attitudes and Behaviors Among Female College Athletes and Non-Athletes: The In- Versus Out-of-Season VariableCooper, Joel
1998German, Erica KateThe Role of Attachment Style Pairing in Determining Romantic Relationship SuccessCooper, Joel
2004Johnson, Justin T.The Role of Race in the Legal System: Does the Race of an Expert Witness Affect How Jurors Render Their Verdicts?Cooper, Joel
2003Fletcher, MichaelA Rose by Any Other Name: The Effects of the Word "Nigger" on AttitudeCooper, Joel
-Blackman, Shane ForteSeeing the Subjective as Objective: Naive Realism in Aesthetic JudgmentsPronin, Emily; Cooper, Joel
2017Rai, AneeshSelective Justice: Discrimination Against Muslims in the Criminal ContextCooper, Joel
2013Yergler, JonathanSelf-Selected Group Membership as a Moderator of Vicarious Cognitive DissonanceCooper, Joel
1995Allison, Anna E.Socioeconomic Status, Gender, and Family Structure: Influences on Education.Cooper, Joel
2009Moreno, Brianna MoniqueSwitching It Up: The Presence of Superstitious Behavior Between Conflicting Athlete and Student IdentitiesCooper, Joel
2014Orlando, SofiaA Tale of Two Cities: A Comparative Study of the Attitudes of Chinese University Students Towards China’s Rural-to-Urban Migrant WorkersCooper, Joel
2004Hovnanian, GaroTesting the Curvilinear Response Pattern to DTC AdvertisingCooper, Joel