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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Keller, Kyle TinnellExplorations in the Psychology of Choice: Does Choice Arouse Cognitive Dissonance?Cooper, Joel
2021Rafter, EmmaA Family Affair: Examining Perceived Parental Stress Levels and Involvement In Their Child’s Education During In-Person, Hybrid, and Remote LearningCooper, Joel
2008Tinney (Jr.), Francis J.Fear Appeals: The Effects of Irrelevant Fear on Persuasive Health CommunicationsCooper, Joel
1993Knights, JayciFeminist and Racial Identity in Afro-American Women: An Examination of Their Correlations and Differential Effects on Variables within the Campus EnvironmentCooper, Joel
2000French, Michael C.Field of Dreams Featuring Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung as a Pitcher-Catcher BatteryCooper, Joel
2019Inoue, AndrewThe Fun Is Worth the Fine: Or Is It? An Analytical Dive into How Ethnicities Affect Economic Decisions in the Ultimatum GameCooper, Joel
2018Bowen, EricGender and Potential for Gender-Typed Clothing as a Gender CueCooper, Joel
2007Eichenberger, LeighGeneralized Expectancies for Negative Mood Regulation and Disordered Eating among College Students.Cooper, Joel
2005Moise, NathalieHealth Communications Within Minority Communities: Employing Somatic and Social Image Message Frames to Influence Breast Self-examination Behaviors in African-American WomenCooper, Joel
2016Tarakchian, AnnieHow to Get the Elderly to Exercise More: Self-Esteem and Hypocrisy Effects on Exercise in the ElderlyCooper, Joel
2014Johnson, TannerInnocent But Proven Guilty: An Interdisciplinary Study of False Confessions, Police Interrogation, and Cognitive Dissonance ReductionCooper, Joel
2012Flavin, LilaIntentions to Comply with Health Recommendations: Comparing the Health Belief Model and Theory of Planned Behavior for Hispanic Diabetic PatientsCooper, Joel
1995Vishio, Miriam R.An Investigation of the Correlations Between Sex-Role Conflict, Gender Identity, and Self-Esteem in Female AthletesCooper, Joel
2016Hartigan, CatherineLabeled: The Stigmatization of SchizophreniaCooper, Joel
-Avery, JosephLegal Data: Bias in the Law, and How Legal Technology Can Be Built to Help Correct For ItCooper, Joel
1999Weaver, Jane CraigLights, Camera...Reaction: Assessing Violence in Film as Means for Priming AggressionCooper, Joel
2009Guarnera, Lucy AdelineMaking the Crime Fit the Punishment: The Interplay of Punishment, Moral Outrage, and Legitimacy in the Context of Strict Liability LawsCooper, Joel
2008Walthall, Mary C.Me Funny, You Pretty: Gender, Humor, and Attraction in Internet Personal AdsCooper, Joel
2004Hahn, EricaMisperceived Peer Norms: Investigating Trends in Sexual Attitudes Among College StudentsCooper, Joel
1999Mehta, AvaniMood, Persuasion, and Recall: Investigating the Effects of Emotion on the Processing of Print AdvertisementsCooper, Joel