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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2014Brombal, SydneyThe effect of the low-status product user: Testing the comparison-driven self-evaluation and restoration model of consumer influenceCooper, Joel
2014Jeong, YoonhaEffects of Activated Self-Concepts on Advertisement and Brand AttitudesCooper, Joel
1993Steere, DavidThe Effects of Anxiety on Persuasion Across Conceptually Different IssuesCooper, Joel
2012Frem, CarloThe Effects of Expectancy Violations on Memory and Perception of an HIV-Related ArticleCooper, Joel
2000Fruscione, Gia R.Effects of Eyewitness Credentials and Patterns of Speech in Criminal Court TestimonyCooper, Joel
2009Essenburg, Jonathan WilliamEffects of Group Identity on the Perception of Attributional Bias in OthersCooper, Joel
2005Worley, MatthewThe Effects of Mood and Influence on the Correspondence BiasCooper, Joel
2008Staehely, ChristianEffects of Reciprocity on Tipping Behavior: A Case for Voluntary Payment Schemes in the Music IndustryCooper, Joel
2000Fischbach, JeremyExpert Psychiatric Testimony In Cases Involving Self-Defense: The Controversy Between Psychiatry and the LawCooper, Joel
1995Neuhaus, Isaac MichaelThe Expert Witness and Jury Decision Making: The Use of Pay and Credentials as Peripheral CuesCooper, Joel
2017Contini, MollyExpert Witnesses and Ethnicity on Juror Decision MakingCooper, Joel
-Keller, Kyle TinnellExplorations in the Psychology of Choice: Does Choice Arouse Cognitive Dissonance?Cooper, Joel
2008Tinney (Jr.), Francis J.Fear Appeals: The Effects of Irrelevant Fear on Persuasive Health CommunicationsCooper, Joel
1993Knights, JayciFeminist and Racial Identity in Afro-American Women: An Examination of Their Correlations and Differential Effects on Variables within the Campus EnvironmentCooper, Joel
2000French, Michael C.Field of Dreams Featuring Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung as a Pitcher-Catcher BatteryCooper, Joel
2019Inoue, AndrewThe Fun Is Worth the Fine: Or Is It? An Analytical Dive into How Ethnicities Affect Economic Decisions in the Ultimatum GameCooper, Joel
2018Bowen, EricGender and Potential for Gender-Typed Clothing as a Gender CueCooper, Joel
2007Eichenberger, LeighGeneralized Expectancies for Negative Mood Regulation and Disordered Eating among College Students.Cooper, Joel
2005Moise, NathalieHealth Communications Within Minority Communities: Employing Somatic and Social Image Message Frames to Influence Breast Self-examination Behaviors in African-American WomenCooper, Joel
2016Tarakchian, AnnieHow to Get the Elderly to Exercise More: Self-Esteem and Hypocrisy Effects on Exercise in the ElderlyCooper, Joel