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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2020Hudlin, McKalahAll Skinfolk Ain’t Kinfolk: Examining Diasporic Differences Along Dimensions of Black IdentityCooper, Joel
2012Giovinazzo, KatherineThe Allocation of Health Care: The Importance of Individual Contribution to Society and Personal CharacteristicsCooper, Joel
2020Lee, CarolAn Argument for Empirical Research of Psychodramatic TherapyCooper, Joel
2013Sanford, BrodenAnchoring Damage Awards of Mock-Jurors and Forewarning to Reduce Anchoring EffectsCooper, Joel
2013Vines, StephenAt Face(book) Value: The Effects of Social Media on Consumer Interest and Company PerceptionCooper, Joel
2005Polster, Joshua C.The Benefits of Explicit Choice, Unconstrained Choice, and Reward for Worker Performance and AdjustmentCooper, Joel
2021Lutz, HannahBias in the Court: How the Gender and Ethnicity of an Expert Witness Affect How Jurors Make DecisionsCooper, Joel
2009Mitchell, William ThomasBiases in Perceptions of Close Friends and In-Group MembersCooper, Joel
2007Wilmer, Henry H.Can Peripheral Processing of Expert Testimony Be Reduced? Assessing the Effect of a Forewarning on Jurors' Perception of Expert TestimonyCooper, Joel
2002Atkins, J. GrantChildhood Depression: Neurobiological Aspects, Cultural Differences, and Treatment ApproachesCooper, Joel
2000Polanichka, Nicole JoannChildren, Physical Appearance, and Self-Esteem: The Role of Implicit Theories in the Importance of AppearanceCooper, Joel
2003Chiang, David S.Choosing to Volunteer: The Effect of Cognitive Dissonance on VolunteerismCooper, Joel
1993Kates, RobinCigarette Advertising and Children: An Experiment Examining the Effects of Joe CamelCooper, Joel
2010Fritz, MaxwellCognitive Dissonance and Changes in the Perception of Free ChoiceCooper, Joel
1998Nestor, Sarah SaylesThe Common Experience of Young Athletes: A South African and American PerspectiveCooper, Joel
1993Jeney, LindaComputer Telecommunications: What It Can Do for K-12 EducationCooper, Joel
2003Lee, Katherine Shao-LinCultural Identity Priming: Its Effects on Regulatory Focus in Bicultural Asian StudentsCooper, Joel
2017Rhattigan, JoeDissonance and Mere Exposure in Direct-to-Consumer AdvertisingCooper, Joel
1998O'Reilly, Jean MarieDissonance, Self-Esteem and the Bicker ParadigmCooper, Joel
2010Kohansedgh, Elizabeth R.Diverging on Deviance: Revealing Situation-Specific Regulatory Focus as Applied to Smoking BehaviorsCooper, Joel