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About DataSPACE


DataSpace is a digital repository meant for both archiving and publicly disseminating digital data that are the result of research, academic, or administrative work performed by members of the Princeton University community. DataSpace will promote awareness of the contents of the repository and help to ensure their long-term accessibility.

Benefits of using DataSpace to publish and archive your data include:

  • Persistent URLs pointing to each submission will continue to work for years to come, even if the underlying data is migrated to another system
  • Increases the visibility of your work
  • Makes worldwide dissemination of your work easy

Types of data that are well suited for storage in DataSpace include:

  • Research datasets that are to be independently or to which other print publications make reference
  • Student projects and reports
  • Conference and workshop proceedings
  • Technical reports
  • Digital collections of images, videos, or other digital assets created by members of the University

Open Access to Content

Content stored in DataSpace will be made openly available to the public via the DataSpace website. DataSpace content will be organized into “Communities” which typically represent collections of content from academic and administrative departments at the University. Users can browse the collections within these communities by title, author, subject, or date of content submission. Users can also search the content within and across collections.

Submitting Your Content

Any member of the University may submit appropriate content to DataSpace. The content must:

  • Be intended for public access
  • Be a completed work
  • Have potential long-term value (e.g. beyond 10 years)
  • Be the result of work performed at or related to Princeton University

Before submitting your content, you must be a member of a Community defined in DataSpace. Communities correspond roughly to administrative departments, academic departments, or other long-lived organizational units at Princeton. The department or organizational unit must identify an administrator who will be responsible for reviewing content submissions for the Community.

Please contact the DataSpace administrators , if you are interested in providing content to DataSpace.

Policies & Guidelines

A more complete description of policies and guidelines governing the DataSpace service are available as a PDF document: DataSpace Policies and Guidelines.