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Mathematics, 1934-2017

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2017A Scholzian Approach to the Local Langlands Correspondence for \(\mathrm{GL}_n\) over function fieldsLi, Daniel
5-Jun-2017A paralinearization of the 2d and 3d gravity water wave system in infinite depthPalasek, Stan
24-May-2017Bounded obstructions for three-coloring graphs with lists size twoZhang, Emily
8-May-2017Power Enhanced Binary Expansion Testing Procedures for Independence DetectionDing, Yue
9-Jun-2017Constraint Damping in the Cauchy Problem in General RelativityFang, Allen
5-Jun-2017A Numerical Study of Solitonic Boson Stars in General RelativityEtter, Philip
5-Jul-2017The Kakeya ProblemChiang, Liting
5-Jul-2017Maximizing Eigenvalues of the Laplacian on Closed Riemannian SurfacesChien, Kevin
24-May-2017An Elliptic Curve Based Perspective on the Arithmetic of Pell ConicsZhao, Roy
5-Jul-2017Solvability of Diagonal Equations over p-adic FieldsMoore, Miranda
24-May-2017A Survey of Algebraic Methods in Incidence GeomtryZhang, Robbie
6-Jun-2017On Second Order Methods in Optimization for Machine LearningChen, Xinyi
25-May-2017Hamming Distance Ramsey GraphsXu, Victor
5-Jul-2017Basics of Khovanov HomologyXia, Daniel
5-Jul-2017Degrees of Freedom for Long Time Dynamics of Forced Critical Burgers and SQG EquationWaldon, Harrison
25-May-2017Computer-Assisted Methods for Studying Periodic Orbits on R4Wang, Yuan
4-Jun-2017Zip Trees: A New Approach to Concurrent Binary Search TreesTimmel, Stephen
4-Jun-2017(1,k)-Choosability of Graphs with Edge Lists Containing Arithmetic ProgressionsTao, Andrew
1-Jun-2017An Analysis of Equilibria in Poker Tournaments with BountiesSnider, Bradley
5-Jul-2017Multi-fidelity Modeling With Varying Costs Using Optimal LearningSchneider, Eric
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 549