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Classics, 1934-2016

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-2016A Southern Cornelia? A Critique of the Comparison of Cornelia Mother of the Gracchi and the Antebellum Plantation MatronTsapralis, Ariana N.
14-Jun-2016Nature's Moral Worth: The Natural Foundations of Stoic and Epicurean EthicsSteele, Andrew D.
14-Jun-2016The 'Thracian Artemis' and Other Fictions: Ethnicity, Religion, and Syncretism in the Cult of BendisMarquardt, Savannah K.S.
14-Jun-2016Oppositional Poets: Latin Love Elegy as a Response to LucretiusHirsh, Hannah L.
14-Jun-2016Entomology and Etymology: Insects in Classical Latin PoetryFlitter, Samantha Rose
14-Jun-2016The Papyri in the Desert: An Examination of Women's Access to the Legal System in the Roman Near EastDolan, Elizabeth J.
14-Jun-2016The Case for Didodorus. A Historical Commentary on Book XVIIIChessman, Stuart
14-Jun-2016Lessons in Disobedience: Negotiations of Authority in Roman DeclamationBarton, Jill Elizabeth
14-Jun-2016Fandom on Display: An Anthropological Assessment of Epigraphical Evidence in Ancient AthleticsBalletta, John A.
14-Jun-2016Studies of Oral Poetics and "Imitation" in the TheognideaKim, Daniel S.
5-Jun-2015Christian Paideia: Models from the Church FathersStoner, Mary Rosalie
5-Jun-2015Saint Fabiola: An Exemplar of Social Justice for the Poor in the Early Christian ChurchBartalini, Daniela
5-Jun-2015The Madness of Reason: A Sadean Reading of Senecan TragedyArroyo, Yesenia
5-Jun-2015Themistocles and Alcibiades: Leaders and the Polis in ThucydidesWaldron, Charles
5-Jun-2015Changes of Social Values Over Time Based on the Teachings of Authority Figures in Ancient RomeVan Morter, Allan
5-Jun-2015"She Will Need Her Sisterhood" An Analysis of the Relationship Between Sisters in Selected Works of Latin Comedy and EpicSchmidt, Alyssa J.
5-Jun-2015Rabbinic Wisdom in Christian Hands: Paul Fagius on Pirkei Avot (1541)Race, Jasmine
5-Jun-2015Field Testing the Vitruvian Scorpio: An Engineering and Tactical AnalysisLyman, Joshua
5-Jun-2015A Teacher and His Student: Re-Imagining the Renaissance Classroom- A Marginal Study of a Classics PoetLambert, Catherine
5-Jun-2015How Dark, Imagining: The Role of Myth in Till We Have FacesKong, David N.
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 708