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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Dynamics of the incompressible Euler equations at critical regularityJeong, In-Jee
2017Perturbed Brascamp-Lieb inequalities and application to Parsell-Vinogradov systemsZhang, Ruixiang
2017On Thurston's Euler class one conjectureYazdi, Mehdi
2017Nonlinear Wave Dynamics in Black Hole SpacetimesStogin, John
2017The structure of graphs with no cycles of length 0 (mod 3)Gauthier, Gregory Joseph
2017Kähler-Einstein metrics and normalized volumes of valuationsLiu, Yuchen
2017Equidistribution in Shrinking Sets and L^4-Norm Bounds for Automorphic FormsHumphries, Peter
2017Mechanisms of Lagrangian Analyticity in FluidsHernandez, Matthew
2017Community Detection in the Stochastic Block Model: fundamental limitsSandon, Colin Peter
2016Limit theorems for B–free integers and the Moebius functionAvdeeva, Maria
2016Optimal strong approximation for quadratic formsTalebizadeh Sardari, Naser
2016Global Solutions for the gravity water waves system: Infinite depth setting and flat bottom settingWang, Xuecheng
2016Applications of Heegaard Floer Homology to Knot ConcordanceTruong, Linh My
2016A Tannakian Category and a Horizontal Equidistribution Conjecture for Exponential SumsSawin, Will
2016Elliptic Involution in Bordered Heegaard Floer HomologyXiu, Yang
2016Khovanov-Rozansky Complexes in the Knot Floer Cube of ResolutionsDowlin, Nathan P.
2016Regularity, Quantitative Geometry and Curvature BoundsZhang, Ruobing
2016The Equidistribution of Lattice Shapes of Rings of Integers of Cubic, Quartic, and Quintic Number Fields: An Artist's RenderingHarron, Piper Alexis
2015On local-global compatibility for cuspidal regular algebraic automorphic representations of GLnVarma, Ila
2015Statistical Topology of Embedded GraphsSchweinhart, Benjamin David
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 71