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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 1924-2016

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-2017Circuit Modeling of an Inductive Energy Storage Device for a Magnetophasmadynamic Arc ThrusterJohnson, Robert Alan
17-Oct-2016Low Cost Augmentation of GPS for Improved NavigationBrown, Dan G. L.
14-Jul-2016Picking Up Speed: Convective Velocimetry in Low-Reynolds Number Turbulent Channel FlowStadlan, Joshua
13-Jul-2016Unconventional Sneaker Design: The Design and Exploration of a Bamboo Spring-Actuated Running ShoeXu, Kingston
13-Jul-2016Understanding Electrochemical-Acoustic-Time-of-Flight Analysis and Materials for Energy StorageWang, Michael
13-Jul-2016Creating Carbon Fiber Components for a Custom Cafe RacerShartle, Noah
13-Jul-2016Design of Porous, Biodegradable, Polymer Scaffolds for Localised Drug Delivery in the Treatment of Breast CancerShah, Serena
13-Jul-2016Exploring multi-armed bandit decision-making strategies in an underwater vehicle testbedValverde Lizano, Jonathan
13-Jul-2016Conceptual Design of a Biogas-to-Cooling System: An application of anaerobic digestion to refrigeration on the coffee estates of South IndiaRambarran, Jaclyn
13-Jul-2016Design of a Folding-Wing Submersible AircraftQin, Allen
13-Jul-2016Augmentation of an Electric Ducted Fan Quadcopter for Long Range FlightPease, Henry
13-Jul-2016Design and Implementation of an In-Situ Microplasma Cell in an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope for the Study of Plasma-Surface InteractionPardinas, Kevin
13-Jul-2016Designing a Robotic System Implementing Autonomous Path-ļ¬nding, Image Processing, and Mechanical Actuation to Clean and Organize a SpaceMaselli, Nicholas
13-Jul-2016Flying with Five: Design of a Motor Failure-Tolerant Control System for HexacoptersMarkowitz, Anthony
12-Jul-2016A Comparison of Panel Methods for Simulation of Fish SwimmingLiu, Jessie
12-Jul-2016Flight Testing of a Blown Wing Configuration AircraftLi, Clement
12-Jul-2016Modeling Uncertainty in Stereo Vision for Precise and Robust State EstimationLee, Michael S.
12-Jul-2016CloudCraft: Software for Early-Stage Aircraft Design and OptimizationKrasnovsky, Ilya; Principato, Eric
12-Jul-2016Cowling and Propeller System Capable of Transitioning from Vertical to Horizontal ThrustJerpbak, Skye; MacDonald, Karen
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 640