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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Exotic Ordered and Disordered Many-Particle Systems with Novel PropertiesZhang, Ge
2017Correlated Methods for Excited States in Periodic SystemsMcClain, James David
2017Quantum control over vast time scales and lenght scalesGontijo Campos, Andre
2017Deciphering the Small Molecule Language of Algal-Bacterial SymbiosesWang, Rurun
2017First Principles Insights into the Mechanism of Pyridine-Catalyzed CO2 Reduction on p-GaP PhotoelectrodesLessio, Martina
2017Density Matrix Embedding Theory and Strongly Correlated Lattice SystemsZheng, Boxiao
2017Enhanced Control and Characterization of Complex Molecules with Ultrashort LasersQuine, Zachary Ryan
2017Cross Coupling with Iminium IonsLutz, John Patrick
2017Design of alpha-Diimine Cobalt and Nickel Precatalysts for the Synthesis of AlkylpolyboronatesPalmer, Wystan Neil
2017Novel Strategies for Addressing Classical Challenges in C-C Bond FormationZhang, Patricia
2017Synthetic Peptide and Protein Pyrophosphorylation: Development of New Chemical Tools to Study the Signaling Function of the Inositol PyropphosphatesMarmelstein, Alan Michael
2017Novel Coupling Reactions Utilizing Base Metal and Photoredox CatalysisEvans, Ryan
2017Part I. Engaging Iminium Ions and Radicals in Nickel Catalysis. Part II. Predictive Reaction Modeling Using Machine Learning.Ahneman, Derek
2017Studies in Nickel-Catalyzed Cross Coupling: Mechanistic Investigations of Iminium Oxidative Addition and the Development of a Phosphine Framework for Nickel CatalysisWu, Kevin
2017Structure-Property Relationships in Novel Materials. Part 1: Frustrated Magnetism and Deintercalation of Honeycomb Oxides. Part 2: Electron-Precise Gold IntermetallicsSeibel, Elizabeth M.
2017Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Organic Synthesis: Activation of Amides Towards Challenging Bond HomolysesChoi, Gilbert
2017Alkoxide-Based Electrolytes for Magnesium-Ion BatteriesHerb, Jake Tompkins
2017The Synthesis and Characterization of Novel 2D Rare Earth Oxides for the Study of Frustrated MagnetismSanders, Marisa Brooke
2017Discovery of a Family of Radical S-Adenosylmethionine Enzymes that Install a Novel Lysine-to-Tryptophan CrosslinkSchramma, Kelsey R
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 161