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Astrophysical Sciences, 1990-2017

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-May-2017The Baryon Content of Galaxy Systems: Observations and SimulationsCabot, Sam
8-May-2017The Quasar Proximity Effect and the Intergalactic Medium at Low RedshiftEltvedt, Alice
8-May-2017Think Planck ACT: A Cross-Correlation of the CIB and CMB using Planck, ACT and UltraVISTALanz, Arianna
11-May-2017Field Theoretic Approaches to Large Scale StructureNayar, Revant
5-May-2017Exploring Non-Standard Extensions to the Standard Model of the Early UniverseHadzhiyska, Bo
5-May-2017A Search for Signatures of Supermassive Black Hole Binaries in the Broad-Band Spectral Energy Distribution of QuasarsNovetsky, Tamar
8-May-2017Examining Morphologies of Host Galaxies of Quasars using the Hyper-Suprime CamNeese, Katelyn
15-Jun-2016Revealing the Mystery (and Kepler's Longest Period) Planet in the Kepler-56 SystemOtor, Oderah
15-Jun-2016Higher Order Current Deposition Schemes for Particle-in-Cell Plasma SimulationsMatthaey, Eve
15-Jun-2016Use of Near-Infrared Colors to Enhance Star-Galaxy Classification in Supervised Learning ModelsSarwar, Nabeel
15-Jun-2016Photometric Identification and Characterization of Ultra Diffuse Galaxies in Hyper Suprime-Cam Ultradeep DataYuan, Sihan
15-Jun-2016Analyzing the Distribution and Chemical Evolution of the Major Nitrogen Carriers and Volatile Elemental Ratios in Theoretical Protoplanetary DisksPegues, Jamila
15-Jun-2016Clustering Redshift Estimation for the Hyper Suprime-Cam SurveyRaileanu, Roberta
15-Jun-2016A Bayesian Method to Determine the Distribution of Transiting Exoplanets in Binary, Multiplanet Kepler SystemsBarton, Stephen Nicholas
14-Jun-2016Estimating Encounters: An Assessment of Space Debris Collision Risk in Low-Earth Orbit From 1960 to 2015Roberts, Thomas
14-Jun-2016A Model for Astrometric Detection and Characterization of Multi-Exoplanet SystemsThompson, Margaret
13-Jul-2015The Effects of Spectral Resolution in Detecting Oxygen in Earth-like ExoplanetsPleus, Alexandra
13-Jul-2015Quantifying the Degree of Fine-tuning in Models of InflationPresley, Morgan
13-Jul-2015Passive Tracers in ATHENA: Implementation and Applications to Turbulent Star FormationPaul, Elizabeth
13-Jul-2015Star-­‐Cross’d: Coming together in an expanding universeMartindale, Dayton
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 111