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Astrophysical Sciences, 1990-2016

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2016Revealing the Mystery (and Kepler's Longest Period) Planet in the Kepler-56 SystemOtor, Oderah
15-Jun-2016Higher Order Current Deposition Schemes for Particle-in-Cell Plasma SimulationsMatthaey, Eve
15-Jun-2016Use of Near-Infrared Colors to Enhance Star-Galaxy Classification in Supervised Learning ModelsSarwar, Nabeel
15-Jun-2016Photometric Identification and Characterization of Ultra Diffuse Galaxies in Hyper Suprime-Cam Ultradeep DataYuan, Sihan
15-Jun-2016Analyzing the Distribution and Chemical Evolution of the Major Nitrogen Carriers and Volatile Elemental Ratios in Theoretical Protoplanetary DisksPegues, Jamila
15-Jun-2016Clustering Redshift Estimation for the Hyper Suprime-Cam SurveyRaileanu, Roberta
15-Jun-2016A Bayesian Method to Determine the Distribution of Transiting Exoplanets in Binary, Multiplanet Kepler SystemsBarton, Stephen Nicholas
14-Jun-2016Estimating Encounters: An Assessment of Space Debris Collision Risk in Low-Earth Orbit From 1960 to 2015Roberts, Thomas
14-Jun-2016A Model for Astrometric Detection and Characterization of Multi-Exoplanet SystemsThompson, Margaret
13-Jul-2015The Effects of Spectral Resolution in Detecting Oxygen in Earth-like ExoplanetsPleus, Alexandra
13-Jul-2015Quantifying the Degree of Fine-tuning in Models of InflationPresley, Morgan
13-Jul-2015Passive Tracers in ATHENA: Implementation and Applications to Turbulent Star FormationPaul, Elizabeth
13-Jul-2015Star-­‐Cross’d: Coming together in an expanding universeMartindale, Dayton
13-Jul-2015Inclined Planetary Orbits in Accretion Disks: A Preliminary study with Athena++Crnkovic-Rubsamen, Ivo
2012Gravitational Redshifts in Galaxy ClustersErlichman, Jonathan
2008BL Lac Objects and Optically Violent Variables in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy ProbeRashkov, Valery Penchev
2012Baryons, Mass, and Light in the UniverseZhang, Shangjun
2012Astronomy as a Vehicle for High School Science EducationDiDonato, Matthew S.
1994Analysis of Physical Pairs of QSO SpectraRichards, Gordon T.
1991An Electronic Test Set for the TK2048 CCD ImagerRockosi, Constance
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 104