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Computer Science, 1988-2016

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jul-2016Memory Replay During Rest Facilitates Learning: an fMRI StudyRhee, Eeh Pyoung
1-Jul-2016On Graph Searches, Chordal and AT-Free GraphsZhan, Irvan
1-Jul-2016Short-Circuit Error Resilience in Boolean FormulasYitayew, Michael
1-Jul-2016Pose Estimation Using April Tags for the Picking ProblemWalker, Ed
1-Jul-2016Women’s Impact on GitHub: A Machine Learning ApproachSwenson, Hannah
1-Jul-2016Information Transduction Capacity of the RhoA-MRTFA Signaling AxisSpar, Benjamin
1-Jul-2016Designing a Task Scheduler for Off-Grid SystemsSandoval, Deborah
1-Jul-2016Capturing Multiparty Communication: Extending Notions of Information Theory to Topology-Dependent Multiparty ProblemsRolf, Esther
30-Jun-2016Wi-Fi Goes to Town: A Predictive, Re-association Free System for Wi-Fi Roaming across Access PointsQian, Hansen
30-Jun-2016Predicting DNA Recognition by Cys2His2 Zinc Finger Proteins With Random ForestsOn, Brian
30-Jun-2016Onion Spoofing: a Novel Technique for Observing Exit Node Traffic for Correlation AttacksMetzman, Jonathan
30-Jun-2016New Sampling Strategies for Bayesian Optimization of Functions with Location-Dependent Sample NoiseMcGrory, Conor
30-Jun-2016blockpy a fast, extensible, in-memory, researcher-oriented Bitcoin blockchain analysis framework in Python 3Mayer, Lucas
30-Jun-2016Implementation, Testing, and Comparison of Feature Detection Algorithms for Micro-GPSMargulies, Rachel
30-Jun-2016InfraShare Mobile: Crowdsourcing Plant Health Using Near-Infrared PhotographyMarani, Stephanie
30-Jun-2016Performance Analysis of Trackers and Ads on the BrowserZhou, Alan
30-Jun-2016Hom3Design: An interior design based application for crowdsourcing 3D models of furnitureYu, Helen
30-Jun-2016Dynamics of Recurrent Neural Network Models of Working MemoryWawrzonek, Christian
30-Jun-2016Analysis and Augmentation of Ranking Systems: A Case StudyTodnem, Trey
30-Jun-2016Identifying Signs of Depression on TwitterTang, Eugene
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 441