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Computer Science, 1988-2017

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jun-2017Concurrent Disjoint Set UnionJayanti, Siddhartha
6-May-2017Training of Vehicle Perception via Stochastic SimulationHay, Christopher
5-May-2017A novel closed-loop paradigm for investigating roles of Drosophila neurons in specific behavioral contexts using optogenetic neural manipulationsChoi, Minseung
9-May-2017An Interactive American Sign Language Dictionary: Using Neural Networks to Evaluate ASLO'Neill, Meaghan
5-May-2017Toward Content-Aware Scene Retrieval Using Natural LanguageBradley, Elizabeth
5-May-20173D Shape Manipulation Using Deep Generative Adversarial NetworksLiu, Jerry
5-May-2017Self-Optimizing NetworksLee, Clement
5-Jun-2017Practice Makes Perfect: An Analytical Approach to Eliminating Judging Bias in Springboard DivingAlmog, Yasmeen
2-Jun-2017Runtime Prediction of Parallel ProgramsChu, Anyuan
5-May-2017Autonomous Seizure Prediction: Using machine learning techniques to detect pre-seizure brain statesGoodridge, Lance
6-May-2017Analyzing Gender Bias in the Theatrical SphereMastandrea, Viveka
5-May-2017Infino: Bayesian Inference to Extract Distinguishing Traits of Immune Cell Expression Phenotypes and Compute Immune Infiltrate Abundance in Tumor MicroenvironmentZaslavsky, Maxim
5-May-2017Mapping the Connectome: Reducing Variability in Convolutional Neural Network Predictions using Post-processing TechniquesDing, Evelyn
2-Jun-2017Automated Testing of Forwarding PoliciesSivaraman, Vibhaa
1-Jun-2017Drone Based 3-Dimensional Measurement and Analysis of Wireless Signal Propagation in Urban EnvironmentsBadami, Pranav
6-May-2017Extracting Empirical Statistics on Gender Bias From Word Embeddings: A Multilingual AnalysisAbdulhusein, Neamah
4-May-2017Computational Analysis of Alleged Homeric TextsStorey, Grant
5-May-2017A Statistical-Dynamical Model for Probabilistic Hurricane Intensity PredictionLin, Jonathan
2-Jun-2017A Word Embedding Based Approach for Emending Books 3 and 4 of Propertius' ElegiaeHinson, Miles
2-Jun-2017Exploring the Use of Machine Learning-based Genome Wide Association Studies of Adolescent Idiopathic ScolisisBurton, Allie
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 497