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Psychology, 1930-2016

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jul-2016Manipulation of hippocampal attentional state and its effect on memory: an rtfMRI investigationSingh, Sahiba
29-Jul-2016Glia and Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Immunohistochemical Analysis of Microglia and Astrocytes in the Hippocampus of Cntnap2-/- and Shank3+/- Mouse ModelsMartinez, Susana
29-Jul-2016Socioeconomic Status and Premature Birth Shape Infants’ Cognitive Development of Working Memory and Sensory PredictionHiggins, Victoria
29-Jul-2016Using pediatric growth curves in secondary prevention of eating disorders: Closing the diagnostic gap between onset of growth stunting or BMI suppression and clinical presentationWarshaw, Amelia
29-Jul-2016The Reverse Spotlight Effect: The Impact Of Perfume On Perceptions Of The SelfInchauspe, Alice
29-Jul-2016Spatial and Temporal Visual Statistical Learning Evaluated by an Explicit Sorting TaskKlebanov, Rachel
29-Jul-2016Investigating Mechanisms of Obesity-Induced Cognitive DeclineOlson, Lyra
29-Jul-2016An optogenetic dissection of the role of the prelimbic cortex in subserving social behaviorPark, Michelle
29-Jul-2016The Temporal Dynamics of Contextual MemoryWilcox, Elizabeth
28-Jun-2016Bridging the Gap: Integrating Neurological and Psychological Research Findings to Reveal Commonalities amongst Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Related DisordersNwaba, Adaure
28-Jun-2016Shining Light on the Rodent Brain: Development of a Behavioral Task to Investigate the Mechanisms of Visual Attention in the Mouse Brain Using OptogeneticsGregory, Jessica
28-Jun-2016Dietary Intake to Improve Mood and Prevent Major Depressive DisorderWilson, Gregory
28-Jun-2016An Assessment of Modality Invariance to Explore Human Tendency towards Social ThinkingMcMullin, Meghan
28-Jun-2016Removing Negative Information: The Effects of Working Memory Training on Stress Reactivity in Major Depressive DisorderBlaisdell, Kellyn
28-Jun-2016Are You There God? It’s Me: Prayer as Self-Disclosure and its Effect on Affective StatesWiseman, Michal
28-Jun-2016The Role of the Narrative Context in Mathematics Learning from Picture BooksWagner, Alissa
28-Jun-2016Teenage Pregnancy, Society, and Health: Investigating Age and Racial Prejudice Against Adolescent MothersVilamor, Gabriela
28-Jun-2016An Extension of the Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting Model: The Cost of Keeping Track as a Predictor of Dynamic Choice ReversalsHammarksjold, Victoria
28-Jun-2016Dispelling the so-called “Down syndrome advantage”: Assessing the presence of public stigma for mothers of children with intellectual disabilitiesTerrett, Alice
28-Jun-2016Naïve Realism and Musical Preferences: An exploration of the relationship between strength of opinion and perceived objectivityCrosby, Tate
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3288