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East Asian Studies, 1951-2016

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Jun-2016Winter-Worm Summer-Grass: Caterpillar Fungus and the Invention of a Wonder Drug?Zhang, Zoe
27-Jun-2016Caregiver or Laborer? Examining the Role of Japanese Women from the 'Japanese-Style Welfare Society' to the 'Social Investment' StateMinaki, Megumi
27-Jun-2016Exploring Communication and Language Change in South KoreaKim, Joyce Da-Hyun
27-Jun-2016Dreaming in Chinese: The Politics of China's Entrepreneurship PromotionTaub, Daniel Nicholas
23-Jun-2016Rhetorical Ambiguity and Its Reception Abroad: A Roadside Perspective of the "One Belt, One Road" ProjectKeeley, Nicholas G.
23-Jun-2016Stereotypes Traverse Language: Being "Raced" in English-to-Japanese TranslationFreeman, Briana Christine Teresa
23-Jun-2016Radical Intimacies in the Queer Public Sphere of Postsocialist ChinaDonovan, Ross
23-Jun-2016Jia Pingwa's December, January: Social Status and Influence in China in the Aftermath of Post-Collectivization: An Analysis and TranslationBerman, Bradley
16-Jun-2015A Hungry Dog Isn't Afraid of a Wooden Stick: On Allegory, Social Critique, and the Rise of ‘Pop Avant-Garde’ Theater in Contemporary ChinaHammer, Julia Rose Knox
16-Jun-2015Not Here to Stay?: Chinese Globalization and Transnationalism in SerbiaParrado, Andres L.
16-Jun-2015Debunking "Copycat" Culture in China: An Examination of the Chinese Internet LandscapeOu, Hugo Jin Yi
16-Jun-2015Bridging Zhongguancun and Silicon Valley: How the Chinese Government is Constructing a Technology Ecosystem That Conforms to Western Standards of InnovationKatz, Michael Noah
16-Jun-2015Nurturing Life Amidst the Smog: The Air Pollution Experience in Contemporary ChinaFortin, Charles Thomas
16-Jun-2015It Takes a Village to Feed a Child: Motives of Food Education in Japanese Elementary SchoolsMcLemore, Jessica Daryl
16-Jun-2015Music as an Instrument of Colonization in Meiji JapanMarsh, Oliver
16-Jun-2015The Good Life in the Context of South Korea: A qualitative study on Korean college students’ perception and experience of well-beingKim, Erin
16-Jun-2015Vengeful Ghost: The Evolution of the Woman Ghost Antagonist from Japanese Folktales to Modern J-HorrorCreager, Jameson Mitchell
16-Jun-2015Re-Imagining Identities through "Japanese" LiteratureBroïdo, Lucas
16-Jun-2015"A Matter of the Greatest Urgency": An Evaluation of the Work-Life Balance of Working Women in JapanHenderson, Kelsey Jennifer
16-Jun-2015The Misery of Quicksilver: Myth, Memory, Performance, and Soil Pollution Remediation in ChinaCook, Gavin Gillespie
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 509