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Princeton University Undergraduate Senior Theses, 1924-2016

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Apr-2017Finding Ground: Exploring the American Terrain of the Center for Land Use InterpretationKamen, Emily
15-Jun-2017Culture Complex: Territory and National Memory in the Films of Roy AnderssonSteinberg, Malcolm
19-Apr-2017Painting as Metaobject: Reading Meaning in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Still LifeWoo, Katie
17-Apr-2017Uncovering Devotion: Interactive Flap Prints and the Crafting of Experiential Space in the Descrizione del Sacro Monte della VerniaGufford, Jacqueline
19-Apr-2017“Full of Company”: The Cultivation of Social Identity and Structure in Thomas Gainsborough’s The Mall in St. James’s ParkHorton, Mairead
19-Apr-2017Resistance Performed: politics and aesthetics in MyanmarWu, Simon
19-Apr-2017Martens Monoprint: Graphic Design as a "Ghost Discipline"Ercan, Nazli
19-Apr-2017Atlas of the Impossible: Mapping Commodity Forms in Still Life and PhotographyCarpenter, Walker
19-Apr-2017"Tell Them Everything": Three Women Artists and the Northern Irish ConflictYale, Margot
19-Apr-2017Chasing GeorgiaMeyers, Maddie
1-May-2017Place, Performance, and Possibility: Interconnectivity in William Sidney Mount's The Power of MusicSung, Janice
19-Apr-2017View from a Balustrade: Martín Rico's Orientalist Vision in Spain, Venice, and FranceGarr, Gabriella
1-Jun-2017Many-Body Localization in the Massless Schwinger ModelAkhtar, Ahmed
1-May-2017Transport of Colloidal Particles by DiffusiophoresisBattat, Sarah
1-May-2017Dynamical computations in networks of Poisson spiking neuronsRullan Buxo, Camille
1-May-2017Phase Space Representations and Stochastic Simulations of Dissipative Phase Transitions in Nonlinear Quantum SystemsMuleady, Sean
1-May-2017A Numerical Analysis of Thermalization in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev ModelKourkoulou, Ioanna
30-Apr-2017Modified Fluid Closure of Weakly-Collisional Plasmas in Radiatively-Inefficient Accretion FlowsHankla, Amelia
1-May-2017Quorum Sensing in Bacterial Biofilms: Regulating Matrix Production through CommunicationNarla, Avaneesh
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 64945