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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Role of cognitive actions in learningFan, Judith
2016Saving Money on Your Own or in Solidarity: An Experiment on Women’s Empowerment and Intimate-Partner Violence in ColombiaTankard, Margaret Elaine
2016Inequality up close and (inter)personal: How individuals manage impressions in interpersonal interactions across social status dividesSwencionis, Jillian Kendra
2015Information Sampling, Learning and ExplorationGeana, Andra
2015The Effects of Legal Institutional Choice on Lay Judgments of Harmdoers and VictimsMueller, Pam
2015Social hypersensitivity injures self-esteem and perceived rejection following ambiguous social feedbackYang, Kaite
2015THE ORGANIZATION OF ACTION IN THE FETUS: Prenatal development of orofacial movements in marmoset monkeysNarayanan, Darshana Z
2015Attentional Selection In Natural ScenesSeidl-Rathkopf, Katharina N.
2015The intrinsic cost of cognitive control: Behavioral Phenomenology and Neural CorrelatesKool, Wouter
2015Explorations in the Psychology of Choice: Does Choice Arouse Cognitive Dissonance?Keller, Kyle Tinnell
2015Beyond retribution: The role of transformative justice motives for people's reactions to wrongdoersFunk, Friederike
2015All work and no pay? Effects of reward structures on perceptions of social mobility in the United StatesBearns Tablante, Courtney
2015Addressing an Elephant in the Room: Self-Disclosure and Social Support Following Negative Intergroup ExperiencesAlegre, Jan Marie
2014fMRI Studies of the Human HypothalamusMeier, Jeffrey David
2014Social Tuning and Shared Reality: Downstream Consequences in Intergroup Attitudes and RelationsKenrick, Andreana C.
2014Seeing the Subjective as Objective: Naive Realism in Aesthetic JudgmentsBlackman, Shane Forte
2014Determinants of Performance Across Domains and Within Bilingualism: Cognitive Abilities, Experiential Factors, and Predictability of the Task EnvironmentMacnamara, Brooke Noel
2014Implicit Homophily: Effects of implicit outgroup bias on ingroup affiliationJacoby-Senghor, Drew Sedar
2014Changing Minds: Behavioral and Neural Insights Into Impression UpdatingMende-Siedlecki, Peter
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45