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Title: Characterization of Systematic Noise in Dual-Modulation Faraday Rotation Spectroscopy System
Authors: Moustafa, Zachariah
Advisors: Wysocki, Gerard
Contributors: Gmachl, Claire
Department: Electrical Engineering
Class Year: 2016
Abstract: Faraday Rotation Spectroscopy (FRS) is a high-sensitivity, and high-selectivity spectroscopic method for the detection of radical species. Modern spectroscopy is fo- cused on the understanding of interactions of radiative forms of energy as functions of both frequency and wavelength. This research is conducted upon a best-in-class Dual- Modulation FRS System used for the detection of Nitric Oxide (NO) isotopologues, and intends to characterize systematic sources of electromagnetic interference and noise throughout the functional components of the system. System design alterations are considered in the context of introducing interference-altering and noise-reducing components. Experiments measuring the effectiveness of high-permeability magnetic shielding were conducted in an attempt to isolate the interference effects of magnetic inductance upon the network of devices included in the system. Additionally, statis- tical analysis is used to compare quantifiable characteristics of the system's currently implemented lock-in amplifier to that of a miniaturized, well shielded alternative boasting comparable capabilities and features. A discussion of the resulting effective- ness explores the potential inclusion of these findings in optimizing future iterations of this spectroscopy system and offers suggestions for means of progression into further exploration of systematic optimizations throughout the system.
Extent: 50 pages
Type of Material: Princeton University Senior Theses
Language: en_US
Appears in Collections:Electrical Engineering, 1932-2016

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