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Independent Concentration, 1972-2016

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jul-2016Between the White and the BlackScott, Brandon
18-Jul-2016Band of Outsiders: The Economic Return to Sephardic Kinship Networks in the 17th-Century Dutch RepublicZiv, Anna
18-Jul-2016The Shape of Infants' Abstract Rule Learning: Agency and Communicative SignalsTippenhauer, Nicholas
18-Jul-2016Learning to Induce Firing Patterns: Closed-loop Stimulation as a Stepping Stone Towards Adaptive Cognitive ProstheticSteinhardt, Cynthia
18-Jul-2016Isotopic Analysis of the Mayan Population at TikalSolis, Vanessa
18-Jul-2016Keeping a sense of self without a sense of place: Developmental Topographical DisorientationRosenblatt, Rachel
18-Jul-2016Grammar Rules: Grammarians and the Jilted Genre of Grammar BooksRafey, Kelly
18-Jul-2016Why You Rappin' Like You Come From the Streets?: Race and Authenticity in Hip-Hop LanguageO'Brien, Ronan
18-Jul-2016Abstraction and Information: Constructing Meta-models of LinguisticsBudnick, Ryan
18-Jul-2016Emotional Responses to Violent Media as a function of differential Belief StatesHouston, Kristen
18-Jul-2016Distal influences of cerebellum-specific tuberous sclerosis on dendritic spines in the prefrontal cortexHildreth, Christine
18-Jul-2016Distributions of Power: Renewable Energy Development in the Navajo NationCampus, Angelo
27-Jul-2015Brass Tacks Historical Linguistics Theory: Units of Synchronic & Diachronic Linguistic AnalysisLee, Naomi
27-Jul-2015Visual Modulation of Courtship Song Amplitude in Drosophila melanogasterXie, Marjorie
27-Jul-2015Rendering MemoryFerariu, Ioana
2000BLACK MAGIC: An Analysis of African-American Conjure Beliefs in the Urban EnvironmentClowney, Stephen J.
2002Beyond the Desktop, Re-Envisioning the Human-Computer InterfaceKelly-Sweeney, Megan
1979Audacia Irish Women in the Struggle for Peace and JusticeKovner, Kathleen Alexia
1972As the Twig is Bent, So Grows the Tree (SEE: Henry Rogers Cartwright)Morris, John Daniel Carroll
1972As the Twig is Bent, So Grows the Tree (analysis of a hypothetical school program)Cartwright, Henry Rogers
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 153