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Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The Influence of Antarctic Open-Ocean Polynyas on the Abyssal OceanZanowski, Hannah
2016Transient Eddies in the Martian Atmosphere: Representation in Reanalysis and Idealized ModelingMooring, Todd Alexander
2016Regional Hydro-Climatic Impacts of Contemporary Amazonian DeforestationKhanna, Jaya
2016The Climatological Effect of Perturbations in Atmospheric Burden and Optical Properties of Saharan DustStrong, Jeffrey Davin O'Neill
2016Energetic and hydrological responses of Hadley circulations and the African Sahel to sea surface temperature perturbationsHill, Spencer Alan
2016Understanding geostrophic turbulence in a hierarchy of modelsChai, Junyi
2016Climate Implications of the Heterogeneity of Anthropogenic Aerosol ForcingPersad, Geeta
2016Large Scale Impacts of Subarctic Channel Flows and Deep Water Formation in Climate ModelsWang, He
2015Non-rotating and rotating radiative-convective equilibriumZhou, Wenyu
2015El NiƱo-Southern Oscillation: Asymmetry, nonlinear atmospheric response and the role of mean climateChoi, Kit Yan
2015Tropical Cyclone Activity in an Aquaplanet General Circulation ModelBallinger, Andrew Peter
2015The Influence of African Easterly Waves on Atlantic Tropical Cyclone ActivityStaehling, Erica Marie
2015Understanding the dependence of tropical high cloud amount and radiative flux on sea surface temperaturesRadley, Claire
2015Influence of Long and Short Planetary Waves on the Separation of the Eddy-Driven and Subtropical JetsO'Rourke, Amanda Kathleen
2014Superrotation and tropical waves in idealized atmospheric modelsPotter, Samuel
2014Variability and Trends in the Carbon CycleMajkut, Joseph
2013Contrasting features of scattering and absorbing aerosol direct radiative forcings and climate responsesOcko, Ilissa Bonnie
2011Dynamical Mechanisms for the Teleconnection between ENSO and NAO in Late WinterLi, Ying
2011Processes controlling the distribution of biogeochemical tracers in the oceanBianchi, Daniele
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19