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Operations Research and Financial Engineering, 2000-2017

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jun-2017Are We There Yet? Managing a Hypothetical Nationwide Autonomous Taxi NetworkKu, Hana
12-Apr-2017The January Effect in the U.S. Equity Market: Prevalence within Market Capitalization and SectorToth, Alexandra
8-Apr-2017A High-Dimensional Visualization System with Applications to Portfolio SelectionTian, Amy
17-Apr-2017Stealing First? Developing a Dynamic Pricing Strategy to Challenge a Rising Secondary Ticket MarketJones, Kathryn
14-Apr-2017Saving Private Buying: Replicating Private Equity Returns Under Different Economic RegimesQuiogue, Lorenzo
16-Apr-2017Forecasting Device Specific Energy Consumption from Wireless Network Traffic in Smart Home NetworksKang, Heegwon
17-Apr-2017A Three-Factor Hedging Model for Mortgage-Backed SecuritiesRuscus, Emory
11-Apr-2017A Graphical Model Applied to Hedge Fund IndicesD'Agostino, Franco
17-Apr-2017Monotonically Constrained Polynomial Regression: An Application of Sum of Squares Techniques and Semidefinite ProgrammingCurmei, Mihaela
16-Apr-2017Stochastic Optimization for Isolated Microgrid Energy System Design and ControlSchwartz, Aaron
17-Apr-2017Default Prediction of Commercial Real Estate Properties through the use of Support Vector MachinesCowden, Chad
17-Apr-2017Comparing Normalization Methods for Differential Expression Analysis on RNA-Sequence Data from Autism SamplesYu, Susanna
17-Apr-2017E-Sports: A Worth-Investing Industry?Wong, Jeremy
13-Apr-2017Scaling Bayesian Optimization for High-Dimensional Iterative Experimental DesignSemelhago, Andrew
17-Apr-2017Optimizing the Performance of Expansion Teams with Application to the NHL's Vegas Golden KnightsSiiro, Ryan
17-Apr-2017A Search for Exo-Moons in the Kepler Data via the Orbital Sampling EffectSingleton, Alexander
21-Apr-2017A Linear Value Function Approximation Approach to the Battery Storage Optimization Problem with Layered Markov Modeling of RenewablesUhl, Isabelle
17-Apr-2017The Israeli Kibbutz: A Simulation and Analysis on the Optimality of Privatization versus Degrees of Central PlanningZou, Joy
14-Apr-2017Microfinance and Machine Learning: A Study of Loan Classification and Risk ManagementWolfson, Ben
16-Apr-2017dnn: An R Package for Feed Foward, Convolutional, and Recurrent Neural NetworksXin, Derrick
Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 898